We would like to congratulate Victoria Wilcox
who has won Georgia's Author of the Year Award 2014
for her novel Inheritance.

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Take a sip...

...live your dreams...

...and nightmares.

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"Michael Oates revisits a tragic moment in American history with his novel Wade In The Water,
a touching coming of age tale plunging the reader into the swirling waters of a devastating flood
that destroyed the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1889 and took the lives over 2,000 men,
women, and children."

Debra Holland, New York Times bestselling author of "The Montana Sky" Series

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"Wilcox has done a superb job through fiction of creating a sense of time and place
and giving us an intriguing look at one of the most controversial figures in the West,
Dr. John Henry Holliday."

Casey Tefertiller, Pulitzer Prize nominated author of Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend

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Rebels Repentant

Prue Phillipson

She thought she would never love,

or be loved in return...

and certainly not by a man as unsuitable...

...as a wild Scots Highlander.

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The Altarpiece

It is 1535, and in the tumultuous years of King Henry VIII's break from Rome, the religious houses of England are being seized by force.

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