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Catching the Eagle
Catching the Eagle 

Of Faith and Fidelity makes a bestsellers list while Ostryzniuk continues his promotional tour to sellout crowds


11 July 2011 (London, UK) -  The Regina launch of Evan Ostryzniuk’s historical fiction novel Of Faith and Fidelity: Geoffrey Hotspur and the War for St. Peter’s Throne was held at Chapters bookshop to a capacity crowd on the warm summer’s evening. The event was organized in the reading nook, but the large number of attendees, which was in excess of forty book-lovers, obliged store employees to expand the venue in order to accommodate everyone.

The flurry of interest coupled with the absence of a microphone meant that Evan had to project his voice across nearly half the store when he performed his reading of a part of the novel before a rapt audience. The Q&A session held immediately thereafter challenged the new author to discuss his approach to period dialog, defining the relationship between fictional and historical figures, shifting styles between non-fiction and fiction, and many other aspects of his novel and the writing process.

Most of the audience stayed on after the conclusion of the program to talk with the author and enjoy the snacks and beverages provided. The evening went so well that all copies of Of Faith and Fidelity stocked by Chapters were sold, leaving some people empty-handed and helping to make the book launch one of the most successful the local branch of Chapters has ever seen.

Evan would like to give special thanks to Sarah Morrison and the floor employees of Chapters Regina for all their help in making the event a great success.