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Catching the Eagle
Catching the Eagle 

William Burton McCormick


William Burton McCormick was born in Maryland and grew up in Nevada. He has lived in seven countries including Latvia and Russia where he researched and wrote Lenin’s Harem.

William graduated from Brown University with degrees in Ancient Studies and Computer Science and earned an MA in Novel Writing from the University of Manchester. He has won awards in the production of computer games and educational software, co-owned a company to reduce junk e-mail, and worked as an executive recruiter in the Washington D.C. area. He also studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

William’s  short fiction has appeared in “Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine” and is forthcoming in the anthology “Committed” (MMIP Books).

In simplest terms, Lenin’s Harem is the story of a young Latvian aristocrat swept up in the turbulence of World War I who by twist of fate finds himself a member of the Red Riflemen of the Russian Revolution, a group known colloquially as “Lenin’s Harem.” The aristocrat adapts, survives, finds friendship and love among the Communists only to be betrayed in Stalin's purges years later. The book is comprised of a trio of tragic seductions – an unscrupulous woman, a doomed nation and a treacherous ideology.

What makes Lenin’s Harem unique is that it tells its story from the point of view of outsiders, from the perspective of those living in Latvia, a country that lost 30.5% of its population to the agendas of Russia, Germany, and the Western Allies during these wars. It is this crippling loss that impelled the author to spend six years of his life writing Lenin’s Harem. It is a story virtually unknown in the West.

Lenin’s Harem under its original title “Red Shadows” was a finalist for Book of the Year on Youwriteon.com, the peer review website sponsored by the Art Council England.  William’s unpublished novel was Highly Commended for the Yeovil Literary Prize.

William is a member of both Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers.