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Catching the Eagle
Catching the Eagle 

Annmarie Banks


Annmarie Banks spent the first twenty years of her professional life as a bookseller specializing in out-of-print and antiquarian books.  She currently resides in the state of Arizona.  She has been writing since elementary school when she wrote her first book, “The Kitty Cat Got Lost”— stapled binding, pastel construction paper, illustrated by the author, very good condition. One copy extant.

Since then she has studied many books about the history of the quest for knowledge, namely alchemy and philosophy. This search for the unknown was so fascinating to her that she wrote the book she had always hoped to find on the shelves of the bookstore, but never did.

Arthur C. Clark’s Third Law, “Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” is the inspiration for her series of books exploring the boundaries between what is possible, what is plausible and what remains to be proven.  What were those alchemists really doing in those locked towers? 

Her upcoming fantasy novel is the first in a series of medieval fantasies published by Knox Robinson which propels the reader into the fifteenth century world of a young woman and her companions as they discover the dangers and wonders of the world of the alchemists.

You can find Annmarie's website with contact details here: www.annmariebanks.com