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Catching the Eagle
Catching the Eagle 

About Knox Robinson Publishing

Mission Statement

The book publishing industry is currently undergoing great change. With the introduction of e-readers and the popularity of self-publishing, traditional publishers are at a key moment in history that will decide the future of trade publishing.

Knox Robinson Publishing was established in 2010 by American-born, British-educated, 33-year-old Dana Celeste Robinson (BA, MA, Mphil) with the goal of becoming the industry's leader in historical fiction, historical romance and fantasy publishing.

By the close of our first year in 2011, Knox Robinson Publishing will have released seven titles and we plan to double the number of titles released each year for the next three years.

Knox Robinson Publishing is uniquely positioned as an international, specialist publisher of historical fiction, historical romance and medieval fantasy. As a new company staffed by book lovers from various backgrounds with a passion for our genres, we are excited about the challenges the new publishing model presents and are prepared to meet these challenges head-on.


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