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Fertile Ground is an ambitious novel set in the first months of WW II in a small town
in upstate New York and North Dakota. It centers on a German immigrant family and the
mystery of whether the husband is a Nazi sympathizer. The novel is dramatically suspenseful,
its ethical issues complex and provocative. It works as a riveting mystery novel as well as a
thoughtful and perceptive exploration of loyalty and betrayal.”

Judy Slater, author of The Baby Can Sing and other Stories- selected by Stuart Dybek
as the 1998 Winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction

Out in hardcover and ebook on 17 October 2014

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"Filled with drama, suspense, vivid scenes and larger-than-life characters, City of Ladies
fast becomes impossible to put down. Author Sarah Kennedy is clearly as gifted as her
main character, almost supernaturally at home in the 16th century as she combines the
striking vocabulary of the time with her own own poetic talents to create a rich and
original tapestry of language. Such writing! Sarah Kennedy brings a lost world blazingly to life.”

Lee Smith, author of Guests on Earth

Out in hardcover and ebook on 28 October 2014

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"A stirring debut novel set in ancient Rome at the time of the rise to power
of the ‘Emperor’ Augustus. Told in crisp sparse prose from the viewpoint
of Marcus Rutilius Crispus, who is opposed to the new regime, the story
follows his adventures in the wake of the battle of Actium in 31BC where
the famed couple, Anthony and Cleopatra suffered the catastrophic defeat
which changed the political landscape of Rome forever..."

Val Morgan, University of Essex

Out in hardcover and ebook on 23 September 2014

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Plagued by assassins, forces of nature and magic, an ill-matched threesome must follow their
fate across the plains of Floreskand, combat the Baronculer hordes, scale the snow-clad Sonalume Mountains
and penetrate the dark heart of Arisa in their quest to discover what evil disturbs the sacred birds of the Overlord.

Out in hardcover and ebook on 9 September 2014

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The nineteenth century looms just a few years away, bringing with it the belief in progress and a new world.
But for Josiah Fuller, William Corvin, and the Rider in the Appalachian backwoods and small towns,
there is nothing but a world where bloodshed is paid for in blood, and violence
is the ultimate law of the land.

Out in hardcover and ebook on 9 September 2014

Featured Authors

Brandon Daily

Brandon Daily

Brandon Daily was born and raised in southern California. In 2012, he and his wife moved to central Georgia, where he now teaches high school English and Literature. He holds an M.A. in American Literature and has worked as an adjunct professor and freelance editor. Brandon's short fiction has been published in several online and print magazines, and his one act play “South of Salvation” was [Read More...]
Lynette Rees

Lynette Rees

Lynette Rees was born and raised in the historic town of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. A place once dubbed, ‘The Iron Capital of the World’. What was previously a small farming community, erupted into a busy, heaving metropolis during the Industrial Revolution, as people came from all over Britain, Ireland, Spain and Eastern Europe to work in the town. Both of Lynette’s grandfathers were [Read More...]
Bruce Woods

Bruce Woods

Bruce Woods is a professional writer/editor with more than 30 years in magazine publishing, having worked as editor of Mother Earth News and Alaska Magazine, among others, and has published both nonfiction and poetry books. Prairie Schooner magazine featured his work in its “Writing from Alaska” issue. His Birdhouse Book, brought out by Sterling/Lark, is still in print and has sold more than [Read More...]
Barbara Brunetti

Barbara Brunetti

Barbara Brunetti (Elena Douglas) was born in Paris and spent the first seven years of her life in France. After immigrating to the United States, she and her newly-blended family lived in New Hampshire and Maine. During a summer spent in an isolated cabin in the White Mountains when she was eight, her mother read her the Iliad and the Odyssey. Thus began a lifelong fascination with the legends of [Read More...]
Penn Stewart

Penn Stewart

Penn Stewart teaches writing at Western Illinois University. He has published personal essays, book reviews, articles, poetry, and numerous short stories in journals and magazines. His most recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Two Hawks Quarterly, Ellipsis, Word Riot, 4'33" (UK), Midwest Literary Magazine, Fresh Yarn, The Meadowland Review, and elsewhere. Penn was born [Read More...]

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It is 1535, and in the tumultuous years of King Henry VIII's break from Rome, the religious houses of England are being seized by force.

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Knox Robinson Publishing announces new young adult speculative fiction imprint Mithras Books

MITHRAS BOOKS: NEW SPECULATIVE YOUNG ADULT FICTION IMPRINT AT KNOX ROBINSON PUBLISHING September 28, 2014 (London & New York) – Knox Robinson Publishing announced today that it has launched a new young adult speculative fiction imprint called Mithras Books to cover such subgenres as supernatural, fantasy, science fiction and dystopian [Read More...]

“Actium’s Wake” brings Ancient Rome to life

September 24, 2014 (London & New York) - Perhaps it is unsurprising that Ralph Jackman has sought a creative profession. He is surrounded by creative Jackmans. His mother writes children’s stories and poetry, his father was a successful composer and his brother writes music for Hollywood movies. ‘‘What do you want to be when you grow [Read More...]

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